About the Illustrator

Andrew Michael Lofton was born 1.31.2005. His unique and poignant artistic expression gives much insight into his thoughtful perceptions. While Andrew was born with Spina Bifida, a debilitating birth defect, his art is a constant reminder to his family and friends that wonderful and amazing things are happening and we need to take the time to appreciate and admire all life.

Andrew began using art and drawing at a very young age as a way to calm himself and cope with his physiological challenges. He drew most of the illustrations in this book when he was nine. Andrew has had over 15 surgeries, including a complete spinal fusion. He uses a wheelchair for mobility but because of his sensory integration and autism spectrum issues, he is not always able to communicate well with his peers.

Through his drawings, we can see just how much he notices down to the smallest details. Andrew’s dream is to be an illustrator and an artist. We hope you enjoy his first art-driven book and we look forward to sharing so much more!